Please Help End Abuse

I feel for all who are suffering or have suffered child abuse as well as child maltreatment. Child harm is devastating, even worse is we who are victimized, are to remain silent and not to offend anyone especially the perpetrators if they are family. It is sad, when the abuse involved a loved one, as we are thus forever troubled as we are often even robbed from being allowed to be angry at them, hate them for what they did, or even expose them. We are thus, often revictimized throughout our lives; made to suffer in silence and shame we cannot not dare not tell anyone. I was asked once, how did you move past the anger? I did not stop the anger from my abuse, rather I allowed myself the right to feel it, to own it, to embrace it, and to not feel yet again more shame for feeling angry at the “someone” who violated you, that someone hurt you. No, we have a right to our voice, a right to our feelings, and our experience. It is this re-owning that self-right to feel, that helped work through the wrong done. Anger is a gift, it reminds us something was done wrong. I am emotional as all humans and that is natural as I am human to be bothered when harmed. I have a right to have deep feelings, even anger, we are owed our feelings no more will they suppress my self-acknowledgment about the hell I went through. Owning this, I feel heard, even if only by me. I thus, have not so much need of anger as I now have found self-love.

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