The Need to be a Friend
Even up to a couple of years ago I had to learn that I could not act the same around or with everyone. I am from southern california and was raised in areas that had a steady threat of gang or other violence and so I became very aggressive in nature already being a angry youth as I experienced injustice and abuse at home. I use to say fuck s much it was like other words where just added for flavor. I was not an excessive bully ever but I was not always nice and did often look for a fight myself. I was so in to fighting that in the 7 grade alone I was suspended I believe like 23 times to there for a long time I think the rest of the year I had to ride in a little but all by my self. I really made me see that I had to get a better way of interacting with others. It has been hard selfishness and uncaring where a plague I sadly was all in favor of at the time. I have worked non-stop to be that better me. I want to also help others be a better them. I wish to now be a champion of kindness as I see now just how important it has always been. I look back on my past and am wish to never again be that old me that shell of harkness covering me from care and love. I see that I need to really see everyone even my enemies through the lens of a friend, meaning I wish my actions to alway be a friend would approach another; not to hurt them but instead be open to helping them change. I will try harder then ever to be a friend and show friendliness developed from my persuasion of compaction and my actions of kindness. I am grateful that I can be a friend today and have so many good people supporting my never ending quest for positive change.. .
I see the Need to be a Friend to the world.

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