I have blasphemed the holy spirit before but every once in a while I do it again to inform others. I will gladly do it again and again.

I regect the holy spirit as a worthless vile myth spawning lies and intellectual dishonesty. I regards the holy spirit as magical thinking trash the lingering negative fantasy imposing fear on the misinformed or misguided.

If I missed anything you think I need to say to complete or confirm for anyone that I have fully blasphemed the unholy unreal spirit you let me know so you can fully confirm for you.

See I live to dispel the irrational beliefs connected to the nonexistent bible god.

I do this wishing others see the real truth behind the lies I was one uninformed and superstitious as I was a Christian for 36 yeas then in college learned real truth and how to think removing invalid thinking like faith in gods or ghosts holy or otherwise.

For those who don’t know I have just joyfully blasphemed the holy spirit as in mark 3:29; Matthew 12:32 “Whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven either in this age or in the age to come.”

This verse as much of the bible is stupid and when viewed with critical thinking is superstition no different than a new age mystic saying if I discount spirit guides I will lose my aura. So scary, not.

Mythology is good for fantasy movies but valueless as a way to manage reality.  I wish the need for doing Blasphemy wasn’t an issue, then we could focus on things that are real.

Blasphemy is a word like islamophobia, which is designed to suppress criticism and pretend it’s some kind of bigotry. Because abrahamic religions only care about spreading their influence, controlling as many people as possible and perpetuating their own existence. Critical thinking and logic are their kryptonite. But as all thinking people know can when one blasphemes the so called Holy Spirit, you are blaspheming something that doesn’t exist. But this is one of those things I have always tried to explain to bible true believers. I don’t believe in any of the characters in that fictional book called the bible. Wishing to suppress Blasphemy of religion (criticism of magic, fantasy beings and delusion beliefs) is like demanding a law to stop people from putting down someone else’s demented porn styled Grimm fairy tales.

Or one can do Blasphemy of the so called Holy Spirit just by adding denigrating or funny names: Holy Haunt, Holy Banshee, Holy Phantom, Holy Poltergeist, Holy Specter, Holy Spook or Holy Wraith. But you get the idea, bible believers cannot really fault our choice of descriptive words can they? Ha Ha Ha, but it really bothers them to no end, to even read them, which is, of course, the point. But my all-time favorite denigrating name? “Holy Rapist” for the shameful story about the forced non-consensual impregnation of underage Mary.

Lastly, if anyone misted it, I don’t believe in the so called Holy Spirit at all but bible believers do, so I do it to challenge their saying god will love and forgive you no matter what is wrong, because according to my putting down there magic ghost or Holy Rapist” if you will I thus can not be saved. So they can leave me alone as I can not be saved at all thank you very much.

By Damien Marie AtHope

For another perspective on what the so called Holy Spirit could be if it was actuality a real thing one may look at the relationship between the Id, ego and superego (superego in particular). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Id,_ego_and_super-ego

Also, the idea of the holy spirit/ghost comes predominately from ancient/classical pagan mythology. http://www.sol.com.au/kor/22_01.htm