9,000-8500 year old Female shaman found in archaeological finds from Bad Dürrenberg Germany. The town of Bad Dürrenberg is located on the river Saale between the cities of Leipzig, Merseburg and Weibenfels. Female shaman was found barred with reconstructed regalia from animal bones, horns, teeth, and shells. depicted in the pic bellow.

Female shamans are dominant in some cultures where they ate to the forefront of the cult practice. Whether in ancient China or Japan, or Korea, South Africa, Okinawa, the Philippines, from northern California to southern Chile, female shamanism is a widespread tradition from Buryat Mongolia to the Buriti religion in Gabon, that the first shaman was a woman. In some societies that practice shamanism there is a preference for the practitioners to be female. Evidence from archaeology in the Czech Republic indicated that the earliest Upper Palaeolithic shamans were in fact women. Descriptions of female shamans describe these women as invokers, healers, herbalists, oracles and diviners, ecstatic dancers, shape-shifters, shamanic journeyers, and priestesses of the ancestors. Female shamans or ‘shamankas’, are located among the Tungus people, the Buriats, Yakuts, Ostyaks, and among the Kamchadals the place of the shaman was usually taken by especially gifted old women.

Female Shamans and Medicine Women

By Damien Marie AtHope