All religions have or promote sexism, some more than others but it’s a shame they all share.

Don’t believe me here are all my blog posts for the major religions exposing their sexism and I am now putting it all  in one place to fully prove just that. Just click the links:

Sexism in Judaism (old Testament)

Sexism in Christianity (New Testament)

Sexism in Islam

Sexism in Hinduism

Sexism in Buddhism

Sexism in Shintoism

Sexism in Sikhism

Sexism in Jainism

Sexism in Confucianism

Sexism in Bahaism

Sexism in Mormonism

Sexism in Jehovah Witness

And to learn when the problem starts read: Evil of Religion: Get’em While They’re Young

I care to much for women to ever again be religious and I want freedom from religion so: Keep Your Religion Out of My Life

By Damien Marie AtHope