Hell claims debunk gods?
This can be done once one applies the completion of critical thinking skills with an axiological atheist “argument from evil”, which are leveled as a way to expose how claims of hell debunk gods. This may be a kind of argument from evil but it is kind of applied backward so to say. As we know the creation of any hell would be evil, and any god that is attached to a hell belief, either debunks a good god, leaving only an evil god as that’s all one could be if hell is real. But this is also problematic as any evil god would not see any benefit is staying to all intents and purposes non-existent in the world we can know, or ever have direct access to find knowledge from. A malevolent god, I remind you would enjoy our full knowledge, as this would match the terrorist’s personality of a hell god creator which would be to Incite fear, as he would be better served in this only by demonstrating hell god existed. And thus, no hell god could exist, just as any similar sadistic planetary drowning god would see little value in creating any heavens either. Hell is a twisted idea, almost topping the moral monster god said to have created it Thank god they don’t exist. But all joking aside I would more rightly thank reason. As we no longer need stories about nature when we ourselves can do it by just going outside. Religion sells a fake product and the belief in gods is like a spiritually transferred disease.