Warning Churchs, I am coming to Indiana as a firebrand atheist to do activism. 🙂

Saturday, May 5 at 1 PM – 3 PM EDT Indianapolis, Indiana

Come, Join in, some Caring Firebrand Atheist Activism: link
“I thought I would come to Indiana in honor of Mike Pence Vice President of the United States to bring needed awareness with his seeming fondness for Christian theocracy government.”
I am the “one” you have been waiting for I am will to power, a deep thought so true it has taken flight to the lofty aspirations dreamed for and a care transmitted to offer hope to humanity I believe in you and will strive to champion you with all I have for you are so worthy…

Protest theocratic theism and its Impacting oppression on atheist Human Rights

The eyes of the world predicted my failure but here I am, I am a survivor, No longer do I hide my face, I no longer fear a fall from your grace for I find my courage plain as day in the human race, may I be a good human. May I put truth above all and valiantly thrust a crusade or truth and caring, which will help show love can and will in the end if only in my black heart so often close to that deadman’s plank. I am a fighter, I don’t need you to save me, I don’t need your empty claims of magic in the world, a stumbling block to many, yet, I am no longer one of them, I am will to power. Say the truth plainly don’t allow pretend but do so with a caring desire to teach as one would to a friend. May I be a caring firebrand atheist. One, with an awakened humanity fully alive in my humanist heart, Desiring to Demonstrate my humanitarianism as I fully stand up for truth as a reality as well as kindness as all reality revolutionaries should, strongly speaking what is right as the truth is not pretended. I am bound by the limitations we all face but may I bravely be a good human past it all…
If atheist rights are important to you . . .
If freedom from religion is important to you . . .
If child’s (self-chosen not indoctrinated) religious freedom rights are important to you . . .
If women’s reproductive rights are important to you . . .
If LGBT’s rights are important to you . . .
If you are outraged by theistic America’s stranglehold on all of us….
If you are infuriated by the feeling you have to either hide and feel that stress or speak openly about our atheism and get crucified as if you are a criminal simply for believing nothing lacking evidence for every wonderous claim they wish to offer simple minds?
AND you may regret not going later to then be limited to only seeing this event on the evening news or at least my youtube, so please come and join in helping others make a difference. Think you too could a champion of human rights – see, then there really is not any good excuse!
This is a progressive protest against the stranglehold they impose on outright equal freedom, impacting human rights. This is an open call to support this Firebrand Atheist Activism event, all others who wish to come and speak out or show support against this violation to freedom, please do.
Please feel free to make your owns signs, and get creative!
We will take pics and spread the joy of reality.
We need your support in big numbers Saturday afternoon – 1pm to 3 pm
Remember, if we don’t fight for us, there may not be anyone left to!
Damien Marie AtHope (axiological atheist) http://damienmarieathope.com/
Damien Marie AtHope: Axiological Atheist, Anti-theist, Anti-religionist, Secular Humanist. Rationalist, Writer, Artist, Poet, Philosopher, Advocate, Activist, with schooling in Psychology and Sociology as well as an Autodidact in Science, Archeology, Anthropology, and Philosophy. Damien Promotes Science, Realism, Axiology, Liberty, Justice, Ethics, Anarchism, Socialism, Progressivism, Liberalism, Philosophy, Psychology, Archaeology, and Anthropology; advocating for Sexual, Gender, Child, Secular, LGBTQIA+, Race, Class Rights, and Equality.
Axiological Atheism, can be thought to involve ethical/value theory reasoned and moral argument driven apatheism, ignosticism, atheism, anti-theism, anti-religionism, secularism, and humanism. Roughly understood axiological atheism = Strong Disbelief as well as Strong Secularism and Humanism.

***Chin Evangelical Baptist Church, Indianapolis, IN: https://www.facebook.com/CEBCindy/
Hi, Chin Evangelical Baptist Church, I will be doing an event by you, Caring Firebrand Atheist Activism open to the Public · Hosted by Damien Marie AtHope: https://www.facebook.com/events/209034256319993/
Chin Evangelical Baptist Church, Thanks for messaging us. We try to be as responsive as possible. We’ll get back to you soon.
Thanks for the invitation Damien. We came from being atheist to theist and no thank you.
My response, Right on. 🙂
Chin Evangelical Baptist Church, Have fun though 🙂
My response, I will. We rise by helping each other. We are stronger as one than alone and thus we rise by helping each other. Character is not something you get by accident. Just like caring for humanity should not be something you only do if it is not to hard or support equality if it’s convenient. One makes a choice to champion what is right because it is right, knowing that to do so will take hard work and one is proud to do so because they have character. I see a care for humanity as an honor for the direct part I play in it.
Chin Evangelical Baptist Church, Nice quote
My response, Thank you.
Chin Evangelical Baptist Church, Welcome. What are your objections to Chrisianity?
My response, That I see using the bible that Jesus is not good nor god. I also understand the archeology that disproves the begining of the bible. I have blogs on both.
“I was Christian for 35 years, read the bible twice,
and took two religious classes before realizing the conclusion of atheism.”
I was raised in non-denominational evangelical/pentecostal Christian. I was such until I was about 35 years old (2006), I never even doubted god and never had an atheist friend I knew of nor did I even want to know anything about atheism. How I changed was in college learning science and most of all taking a competitive religion class learning things about other religions I had never even cared to ask just beloved they were all wrong only Christian was right. Then I finally stopped believing in all religion with my class on understanding the bible. Halfway through that class, I stop all belief in god and though did not know it nor even understand the word I had become an atheist. I have been working hard at becoming informed since then. Here is info for you on the Jews, Judaism, and the Origins of Some of its Ideas as if they are wrong so are all christains as the start of the bible the old testament is basically Jewish anyway.
Chin Evangelical Baptist Church, I see. Have you checked on William Lane Craig? Jesus never claimed to be God has been a common objection to Christianity. He says, “ Before Abraham was, I Am”
My response, The Bible says that God is greater than Jesus.
‘My Father is greater than I’ (John 14:28)
‘My father is greater than all.’ (John 10:29)
Jesus cannot be God, if God is greater than him. The Christian belief that the Father and son are equal is in direct contrast to the clear words from Jesus. Jesus never instructed his disciples to worship him.
‘When you pray, say Our Father which art in heaven.’ (Luke 11:2)
‘In that day, you shall ask me nothing. Whatsoever you ask of the Father in my name.’ (John 16:23)
‘The hour cometh and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth; for the Father seeketh such to worship him.’ (John 4:23)
Is Jesus equal to or lesser than god?
JOH 10:30 I and my Father are one.
JOH 14:28 I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I.
Chin Evangelical Baptist Church, I will catch you back later. I have to go now. I have the answer for your objections.
My response, Cool, take care. 🙂 And, feel free to stop by or tell others to stop by I welcome all.
And…… They never got back with me. lol

I only wish a simple life but that is not my plight in life, with such need in the world. The road of life may be individually experienced, but this is not a determination that it must stay that way. There is a world of people that one can travel with. May I as much as I can, help my fellow travelers. And where, when, as well as who I cannot directly travel with may I at least be one who points the way.

Let’s make it simple:

Atheism is the reality position.

Theism is the anti-reality position!

I am will to power!

“Child’s Eyes”
I find a sanctuary of hope
In the Armageddon of my life.
I see a sweet young child
I think if we are all born with love
Where do we learn to hate?
And why?
I look into the eyes of the young child Only finding a gentle love with an uncorrupted honesty.
I think,
how I wish not to know
I wish only for the innocence of love.
I wish the dark postcards of my heart were blank
but how can a piece of wood turn back into a tree?
How can I forget the pain inside of me?
I wish to forget.
I wish to unlearn.
To be cleansed by love and set free.
I look down into the child’s eyes
wishing for what I can never have again,
My own innocence, religion you robbed me of that!

 May I not be a silent watcher as millions of children are subjugated almost before their birth let alone when they can understand thought and are forcibly coerced, compelled, constrained, and indoctrinated in the metal pollution that religion can be.

 My main goal against religion is to fully stop as much as possible forced indoctrination, one could ask but then why do I challenge all adults faith? well, who do you think is doing the lying to children in the first place. End Hereditary religion, if its a belief let them the equal right to choose to believe.