The Scientific Method & Naturalistic Rationalism

Naturalistic Rationalism or ‘rationalistic naturalism’

Rationalist Atheism

Evolution Of Science at least by 5,500 years ago

What’s the beginning of knowledge?

Critical Thinking, What Does it Mean to Be Open to Learn?

The scientific method uses a priori for the nature of reality or rationalistic naturalism. The scientific method assumes a priori about the nature of reality, one is not agnostic about this, the scientific method is using philosophical rationalism as the nature of reality proof or truth by using a priori assumptions. Knowledge can be classified in several ways. Firstly, it can be either explicit (self-conscious) or implicit (tacit, hidden from self-consciousness). Secondly, it can be either propositional or non-propositional (something which cannot be represented by propositions, e.g. knowing how to do something?). Simply the scientific method requires certain a priori assumptions of epistemology and metaphysics in order to even get out of the starting gate. It assumes you are not a brain in a vat. The scientific method means that supernatural entities or concepts that are meaningless or logically contradictory cannot be included in a scientific hypothesis (not least because you can’t put a sample of a god in a test-tube). Consequently, when carrying out investigations scientists assume a position of methodological naturalism. The idea that scientific evidence can disprove the notion of god is scientific realism. Scientific realism is also a priori rationalism about the accepted natural reality of nature. The point is a thing cannot validate itself science accepts what is reasoned, it may forget the philosophy it uses and cannot live without but it is still there. I can reasonably likewise assume a priori rationalism about the natural world that has no rational validity to a supernatural being called god.

I Believe Archaeology, not Myths & Why Not, as the Religious Myths Already Violate Reason!

Out of Africa: “the evolution of religion seems tied to the movement of people”

No, science CAN NOT be with religion.

Religion and Science are Completely Different Epistemologies

Science and Philosophy

The Scientific Method and its Philosophy Axioms

Science is a method to understand the world as it is, which is naturalistic only, not one shred of magic. In fact, the scientific method assumes Methodological Naturalism, because that is all that has ever been found and is the most likely thing that ever will be found. As religion is not intended to represent the world as it is but instead what it is not the stupid supernatural, which is the thing of fantasy, wishful thinking, and delusion.

Scientific knowledge

Science and the word “TRUTH”

To be scientific the knowledge must be: Communicable: It is something which is discussed. General: generalized vs. separate fragments of knowledge. Conceptual: represented by concepts vs. intuitive ideas (i.e. explicit and propositional knowledge). True or Fact probable argumented: It can be proved or demonstrated. The scientific methods should also fill some criteria, which try to guarantee a quality of scientific knowledge. (These are important and quite permanent part of the general paradigm of science): Progressive: knowledge base is expanded by using this method. Self-correcting: the errors get corrected by this method. Publicity: arguments are public for anyone. And Justifiable: the arguments are satisfactory.

Science and Justified True Beliefs

Scientific Realism

Forms of Knowledge


Explaining science to remove MISCONCEPTION

What Do YOU mean you don’t Trust SCIENCE?

Science Facts Should Make Religious Belief Impossible

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Rationalist thinkers vs Skeptic thinkers

Trying to Help Promote Knowledge: Philosophy and Science.

Truth is a Value (axiological) Judgment.

On the Nature of Value (axiology)

Axiology is both a philosophy and a science of value.

Methodological Rationalism (Ontology, Epistemology, & Axiology) and Skepticism

Axiological Atheism, is Intellectualism

Religion vs. Science, Don’t Confuse Beliefs

Creationism (pseudoscience)

If you believe in science as well as evolution how do you believe in an afterlife?

“Dead is Dead” no ghosts, spirits or souls…

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Challenging the Supremacy of Reason?

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