A good standard is to adhere beliefs to is epistemic rationality (a rational belief or knowledge forming possess) which has similarities to the correspondence theory of truth (a rational belief or knowledge forming possess requiring that they accurately relate to or describes (i.e., corresponds with) that real world as it presents itself. However, epistemic rationality is that part of rationality which involves achieving accurate beliefs about the world (i.e., corresponds with), but also good belief edicate, such as, assessment before belief acquisition, reassessing and if need be updating one’s beliefs once valid, sound and reliable to new evidence when it is received and examining why such a belief is needed, useful or an actual extension of knowledge.
Here is epistemic rationality as it is stated by Center for Applied Rationality, “when cognitive scientists talk about rationality, one of the main things they’re talking about is epistemic rationality.” http://rationality.org/vision/
Therefore, epistemic rationality can be thought to involve critical thinking about epistemology and the process of forming beliefs that as accurately as possible match the reality of the natural world which is current to the evidence available and only forming beliefs after rational consideration motivated by truth-conducive beliefs, constantly making reasonable efforts to avoid fallacious reasoning and always being open too new or more reality accurate reason or evidence.
Epistemic rationality the standard for the sciences sounds close to the correspondence theory of truth which is a common standard for professional philosophers. This is hardly a surprise to me as there is only one real world and its honest assessment with likely be reached even if approached differently as there is only one reality. Thus we can see the justification and warrant in how the correspondence theory of truth holding that to an understand that the truth or falsity of things is in how they correspond with, relate with, connect to, or accurately describe something in or about the real world including a correspondence to the actual state of affairs in provable reality. So, go use your epistemic rationality and stop letting religion and god beliefs go unchallenged.