The Attack

*Damien, shut the fuck up…. Just cause your atheist doesn’t mean you need to advertise it! Have fun condemned after death. I must admit I don’t know how to explain god , but I also don’t know how to explain , gravity,dark matter,the universe,where it came from ? Closed minded piece of shit.

My response: You are a victim of arcane fear and the control dynamic that emerged from it called the belief in gods and I am both sorry for you as well as glad you reached out as you then have an opportunity to learn some real truth. I am not your enemy, in fact I am your champion willing to fight the odds and believe in your power of self mastery to see beyond the prison of lies that keep you bound. Are you willing to see the truth I lay at your feet, the open doorway to a life in the beauty of the godless natural reality, to often tarnished by the conspiracies of reality that are so prominent in religions and god beliefs. A closed mind is one talking about made up fairy tales that they were indoctrinated in as a child and not learning real facts about the world. Are you as open minded as you think? Or are you already to see what is actually true? The question is how open are you really. I will guess you are some version of christain likely believing in jesus. So I will give you this blog post I made that could change your life if you read it with an open mind. Debunking Jesus?

*Damien, wow … I’m sorry but just no … Your trying to turn atheism into a religion itself , please stop. You can believe what you do , sure .. But why advertise it ? You don’t see the rest of the world doing so (besides extremists).

My response: I have every right to express atheism on my page its you that is acting religious and close minded coming on my page and spewing your discrimination. All the world doing what expressing how they think is what all humans do and have always done.


*Damien, fair point, truthfully I don’t disrespect atheists , to each their own belief , unless your a Muslim -.- in which its proper to kill atheists (which is not right). My personal belief is that there is a higher power …. (Most likely aliens , but they love is as if a “God ” would.
My response, See we are all free to have and express our rights.
*Damien, my point to you is that why are you so close minded :0 Most atheists have a middle ground. You are full blown in the deep end. I can admit I am a religious man , but at the same time I can agree lots of the bible is false / it was prob aliens or some crap. Where as you , can’t admit even 1 percent of any bible is true … Correct in assuming ?
My response, I can provide evidence its not even something you have asked for and when offered you rejected and you feel its right to call me the close minded one are you sure you have that right.
*Damien, I am positive , there is too many similarities between every bible to debunk it all.
My response, I have researched and written extensive things on the bible and other religions as well as you asking for evidence?
*Damien, I read the article you provided , some good points but it doesn’t even make a dent in the iceberg.
My response, well I have many more such as,
*Damien, I know but what your telling me is 100 different people from all locations of the earth — speaking all different laungages writing a damn close version of the same book. Umm ?? Ya not possible.
My response, ok here is another, “Archaeology Disproves the Bible”
*Damien, you my friend are an extremist …. I find it sad when I see a religious / or athirst extremist …… It’s sad. Religious extremist = terrorist. I believe aliens exsist and they interacted with us in the past.
My response, I have info debunking ancient aliens as well.
*Damien, you say aliens don’t exsist either ?? Don’t make me laugh, I am crying I am laughing so hard. What do you believe in ? Simple evolution ??? Fuck no somewhere along the lines of our evolution (basic humanoid’s) we were inhanced — bumped up so many generations of eve lotion Monkeys — as old a species as Us humans, so why are they still here?? Clearly it’s cause they were left behind . Today’s monkey represents where we humans should be at in our evolution. It’s PROVEN we have 1-3 (outta 30 or so idk ) alien genes in Us humans as a species. Why , oh why do you lead such a boring life ??? Closing all doors to the wonderful … And very real possibilities.
My response, I believe that which is supported by reason and evidence to believe. Here is a link debunking ancient aliens:
*Damien, but your only looking at one side of the coin brother …. If you actually did some research trying to prove aliens exsist .. You would end your day beliveeing in them.
My response, Here is a blog post of mine addressing that, “Humans are Part of Evolution not a Special Creation”
*Damien, people get PAID, (handsomely at that ) to de bunk anything and everything , they are clever , you’ve fallen victim to their ways .
My response, I have done extensive research in archeology, anthropology and science ; not wishful thinking and wild unfounded speculation.
*Damien, I agree . The world would be much more peaceful with no religions / no talk of aliens , etc …. But that’s no reason to try and forget the truth by beliveeing a lye Lie ** Buddy … Your off the deep end :0 it’s quite bad :,(
My response, well here is an article by the National Academy of Sciences addressing “Is Evolution a Theory or a Fact?” Hint, its both.
*Damien,  like not believing in religion is one thing. But to not believe in aliens ??? That’s just ? Lmao what? There is an infinite vast of space , we are not alone and it is simply stupid and close minded to think we are. But as for your atheist views , you did convince me to respect them. As for this aliens don’t exsist nonsense …. PFFFT! Balogana.
My response, there is an infinite vast of space , we are not alone is a guess not built on evidence I do not say alien life out somewhere else is impossible, I say there is no proof.
*Damien, no infinite vast of space / even other demisions have been proven already. As for no proof of life , I suppose there’s not , no BUT! Think of yourself as the higher species for a second , would you really wanna interfere with humans barbarism ? It’s my belief there are aliens that visit us regularly incognito, and it’s your belief that there is not / have not …. Both not proven by science , both speculation … So let’s just agree to disagree. You say I don’t have proof backing it , well you don’t either so let’s just agree to disagree. (You haven’t showed me any proof , just a possible debunk for all speculation ) I’m sorry , it’s just hard for me to think that people purposely try so hard to prove there’s no god / aliens when the fact is it’s just as likely there actually was ! Cause dang .. Most atheists at least be live in aliens , you don’t even believe in that :,( it’s sad .. Add some wonder to your life. Aliens don’t wanna show themselves cause they don’t wanna have to destroy us (cause we would shot them outta the sky before letting them talk, it’s sad) And in return t would start a war that earth would lose in like a day. lol My theory in heaven and hell is it’s the only 2 other dimensions , and you actually do go there after death . Which depends on how you lived , not what you believed. lol
My response, Here is a blog post of mine addressing, “Technological Advances in Evolution”
My response, look at that it’s all facts about how we advanced, there is only us and nature no ancient aliens and no after death, as we have no soul to live on after we die. Here are two blog posts of mine addressing that, “Near Death Experiences is Brain Activity, not Supernatural” and “So are Ghosts Possible, Because Energy Does not Die? Well, NO!”
*Damien, oh why you choose to believe such nonsense is BEYOND ME enjoy your life , I hope the afterlife decides to accept you anyway , your just simply confused is all and I hope whatever higher power there is reconizes that…. Why would you ourpisly chose to believe there’s no afterlife ?? Lmao BEYOND ME.

*Damien, there’s also no good reason they wouldn’t exsist.

*Damien, both of our judgment is sheer guessing, Both**

*Damien, wow . Your smart , too bad your the one caught in a lie. I’m sorry I can’t continue this convo :0 your not even open to the slight possibilities.

My response, it is you who has been closed minded from the beginning, infact you never meant to have a conversation but you meant an attack and it was my openness, “that you never offered” that sidestepped your beginning valueless attack. You must at least now be open minded enough to realize the attack you made was turned around and then reformed into something new, becoming a chance for you to learn. Which you have and thus again it is my openness that has won the day, even over your closed minded beginning responses such as: “shut the fuck up” and calling me “a piece of shit.” Can you now see it is me and my open minded thinking not you that was open to real conversation, as I rose above your thinking only offered as a close minded attack.

*Damien, at first I was close minded , agreed. You opened my mind to certain things. But whenever I share my side of the story you don’t even acknowledge it you just throw more anti religious shit at me. That is why I’m calling you close minded. Too be honest , at first the reason I called you a piece of shit etc is cause I thought you were a satanist. lol Atheists I don’t mind , satanists / terrorist Muslims I can’t stand .

My response, cool I am just an atheist not a satanist nor terrorist Muslims.

*Damien, ya , apologies for that , I do disagree with certain things you believe , but that doesn’t make you a piece of shit.

My response, here is my video on the religion’s evolution, “The Tree of Lies and its Hidden Roots” Discussing the Evolution of Religion: 

*Damien, ok for me it’s not religion I care about so much. It’s the aliens. I agree highly unlikely one powerful figure from heaven was sent to us. But it is not hard at all to believe these powerful beings were advanced species visiting.

My response, cool I hope you keep searching for truth, I truly wish the best for you as people have value. Don’t forget, “People Have Rights, Ideas Don’t Have Rights” here is my video on that:

*Damien, as do I wish you the same.  I do respect your views , and even agree with some things.

My response, yes, we must analyze how is anger is the temporary emotion and response that triggers hate lasts longer and may start as an emotion but can and is usually sustained by becoming a kind of ideology that is not directly angry but can motivate anger and the risk of anger motivated behaviors. Anger is unavoidable in life where as hate is more of a chosen response to things in life often an outgrowth of or connected to anger. Anger in life, thus, is what matters and how we navigate it effectively. Therefore, we should be concerned with proper use of anger its ethical management and positive use.

*Damien, but no aliens / higher beings ? No man … We’re not creative enough to make such a fictional book known as the bible. That’s why it’sy belief that it is a true story , but a “God” no … They were simply aliens.

My response, to me we need to learn to use anger as a way to know things are likely not right then use it to add contemplation about needed behavior or new thinking instead of unthinking behavior based more on or motivated by emotion of anger. I am my best when I value myself and others. I am my worst when I forget to see the value in myself and others. Here is my blog on the religion’s evolution, Did Neanderthals Teach Humans Religion Around 100,000 Years Ago?”

*Damien, my theory is that we are basically a experiment — 10 aliens came and did the same types of miricales / and good deeds etc , so that they could research how each culture would interpret “God and religion@ Please read that, you don’t think that’s possible ??? This is true friend , and maybe “God” does take away from that … But at the same time (most religions anyway) teach good values so ehh. And what an experiment it was !!!!!! They are still to this day getting results from their experiment. It’s the only explanation that debunks the whole bible / is scientifically possible. And in Greece , with all mythological gods, I don’t even know what to think about them. Maybe aliens put on a play :,)

My response, what evidence do you have to support and validate the thinking that basically a experiment, furthermore, how can you even validate the thinking you offered that it is 10 aliens not none or one or a thousand? What evidence do you have that anyone ever did any types of miracles? you need to first look at the facts to legitimately assess or propose a theory as to how culture would interpret “God and religion” do you know the first worship in the world was 70,000 years ago of a stone snake? Here is the link on that:

*Damien, true , it is just a theory. Because there’s no proof possible to obtain. But I’m afraid so is your thinking , just theory because again there’s no actual hard evidence proving anything. Just theories worked out really well .. No actual proof.

My response, are you not reading, I provided you with actual hard evidence. Such as, how 350,000 Years Ago – Atapuerca (Spain), found evidence of a possible funeral rite in the form of a red quartzite handaxe among bones from 28 individuals classified as Homo heidelbergensis found at the bottom of a deep pit inside a network of caves. The stone choice seems to add to its believed possible funeral rite significance as color red is not a standard and was likely chosen because its color which we can theorize had some significance like that of red ochre later used in barrels. This pit of bones may represent some practice of burial as well as early evidence of the emergence of ritual and sacred symbolism responding to death beyond simple practicality.

My response, or check out my blog on the “Technological Advances in Evolution”  and say we dont have evidence:

*Damien, the last link shows humans evolving as they should. But is it possible they visited 70k years ago this starting religion? Idk it’s a headache to explain , but I truly believe we have either alien ties/ genes , or we are an experiment. Also , why is it that the humini(apes) still exsist ??? To this day? Sorry, pre humini our technological advances were BLOWN OUTTA THE WATER with the humini so is it too hard to believe that the humini were created by a alien species? And those left behind in the process are simply today’s apes. That’s not my favourite theory though, my fav theory is we are experiment with no alien genes.

My response, You are adding think not found or demonstrated where as I stick to the facts as they present them selves and form my thinking from there. Its a amazing world and wonderful facts so amazing just as they are no mythologizing is warranted.

*Damien, your facts are not hard proof though , as much as a artifact from 100k years ago is cool , it’s not proof.

My response, asking why (apes) still exist if we come from apes natural selection, is demonstrating a lack of understanding science. All dogs come from wolves so you could also ask why is there still wolves? Simple they branch off to make something new just like how humans through artificial not natural selection created all the many dog breads we have. DNA findings say differently. All modern dogs are descendants of wolves, though this domestication may have happened twice, producing groups of dogs descended from two unique common ancestors.

*Damien, sigh , I really hope we get visited in our life time , your in for the biggest surprise of your life.

My response, I am open to truth I do fear it I welcome it as all true thinkers should be. If we get visited in our life time then and only then will I have reason to believe in them as there is 0 evidence up tell now. We all have beliefs its unavoidable. The issue is having justified true beliefs that hold warrant or are valid and reliable because of reason and evidence. I follow the standard in philosophy JTB Justified True Beliefs. Justified / True / Beliefs? *To established justification I use the philosophy called Reliabilism. Reliabilism is a general approach to epistemology that emphasizes the truth-conduciveness of a belief-forming process, method, or other epistemologically relevant factor. The reliability theme appears both in theories of knowledge and theories of justification. *For the true part I use the philosophy called The Correspondence Theory of Truth. The correspondence theory of truth states that the truth or falsity of a statement is determined only by how it relates to the world and whether it accurately describes (i.e., corresponds with) that world. *For the beliefs part I use what philosophy calls The Ethics of Belief. The “ethics of belief” refers the intersection of epistemology, philosophy of mind, psychology, and ethics. The central is norms governing our habits of belief-formation, belief-maintenance, and belief-relinquishment. It morally wrong (or epistemically irrational, or imprudent) to hold a belief on insufficient evidence. It morally right (or epistemically rational, or prudent) to believe on the basis of sufficient evidence, or to withhold belief in the perceived absence of evidence. It always obligatory to seek out all available epistemic evidence for a belief.

*Damien, great response. Okay, I now agree and respect what you do. Your not a non believer …., you are just a realist, needing proof to back theory. And I respect that good debate.

Overall, my goal is to help change believers as I was once, in fact I did not turn atheist until I was 36. I try to offer new reasoning when I can as I see fideists, theists, religionists as suffering a thinking disorder, I don’t all way have such patience sometimes I just block them.

*Ps. for any who want to understand my style better check out my blog, “Atheist Outreach Style” (REMS) Reason, Evidence & Methodological Skepticism:

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