I am an antireligionist & I Believe Archaeology not Myths

Yes, you need to know about Animism to understand Religion

The value (axiology) of archaeology (empirical evidence) is knowledge (epistemology) of the past adding to our intellectual (rational) reality of actual events. On the other hand, myths (collection of stories) inaccurate accounts of the past or tails to establish thinking or behaviors, supporting faith (nonrationality) in some unreal belief, behavior or creative fiction of non-events or actual events. I can’t stand when people try to say that atheism and religion use faith. We atheists, have archaeology that proves religion is a lie, so no faith is needed. Moreover, We atheists, have science which shows that every mystery has ever turned out to be nature and not magic. There is nothing that the only explanation is magic or supernatural anything, so for religion, it has no evidence at all. All religion has is faith without any proof and do not try to say that atheism is anything like that. I was once asked what do you think about religion in schools? To me, I would first like to ask, “Why would you teach traditional conspiracy theories of reality, such as religion, when you are at a facility like a school for the learning of truth?” I do not want any religion in schools but if religion is going to be taught in school, I think it should be taught as historical mythology. Religion is not about truth, it’s about indoctrinated faith. Do you really believe that even if clear documents demonstrate that Jesus had said he was not god, that they would stop all Belief, not hardly as it’s not about truth? Just like if clear documents proved Mohammed had said he was not really a prophet of Allah but just made it up, that they would stop all Belief, not hardly. So again I say it’s all about indoctrinated faith, not truth! I proudly reject all gods (god claims) and religions (general magic “supernatural/paranormal” claims). It should be understood, that religion as well as its love of gods, must be seem for what they are, which beyond their pomp and circumstance are exposed as little more than indoctrinated cultural products, the conspiracy theories of reality no one should believe today in our world of science. Simply, religion and its gods are the leftovers of an ignorant age trying to explain and control a fearful world which seems now favored by the uninformed, misinformed, emotional/physical/social support seekers and conmen. Religion is often Funny but it’s no Joke. Religion would be a comedy if it didn’t kill people or I should say if people didn’t kill for it. I am inspired by philosophy, enlightened by archaeology and grounded by science that religious claims, on the whole, along with their magical gods, are but Dogmatic-Propaganda, myths and lies.

“Damien, where would we be without religion?” – Questioner
My response, “well, we would be free from the biggest supporters of pseudoscience, pseudohistory, and pseudomorality. Thus, humanity could move on as one, because nothing separates humanity as religion, for at its core it is just fear and tribalism.”.
I reject it all, every religion or pseudo religion.
Just so I am not misunderstood this includes buddhism, satanism, taoism, paganism, wicca, spiritualism, etc.
Don’t get me wrong I am against ALL religion. I challenge your beliefs because you won’t. To me, every religion was new at some point and had someone who made shit up, yes all of them, every religion. As an atheist, I am a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of god or gods. In my non-belief, I am also ignostic feeling that every theological position assumes too much about the concept of god(s). As an ignostic, I am a person who has no rational idea of anything from reality whatever to label as “a concept of god” thus I can say I have no idea of anything that can connect to the term god and no reason to think anyone else can either. As an anti-theist, I am a person who is active in opposition to theism: both the concepts of god(s) as well as the religions that support them. This is because theistic concepts and theistic religions are harmful and that even if theistic beliefs were true, they would be undesirable. As an anti-religionist, I am a person who can look at religion on the whole and see it is detrimental to the progress of humanity thus am in opposition to all and every religion, not even just opposition to organized religion. In case you were wondering, I am anti-pseudoscience, anti-supernatural, and anti-superstition as well. So, as an atheist, anti-theist, and anti-religionist; I am against flawed superstitious magical beliefs like god(s) and/or religion. However, I am not against people. I have many strong opinions and beliefs as well as challenge or am against many types of beliefs especially if they involve supernatural or superstitious. However, I am not against people nor am I against their free right to believe as they wish. To me everyone owns themselves and their beliefs are theirs as well. Thus, to me, not I or anyone has the right to force people on what to believe.
What is in the term “religion?”
When some anthropologists or archaeologists use the term “religion,” they usually do so in a broadly inclusive manner and I often do the same. The one question between religion and cultural relationships is one of whether various people distinguish between the natural and supernatural claims or beliefs. Though some groups may not distinguish between natural and supernatural realms or that they regard spirits as a part of the “natural” world, I still consider all not scientifically real things in the natural world to be supernatural claims. If religion is relatively found in all human societies today, to some extent answering if this was always so has been answered in the previous chapter. Religion, as we think of it now, was not always there but has evolved greatly and it would seem from its earliest point there was a common theme involving some sort of distinction between the natural and the supernatural. Although, not always developed, the distinction between the natural and the supernatural is there to a point, even if they wish to blur the lines. In religion, as it is today, a distinction between natural and supernatural may be limited or not there at all and wishing to add credibility to cultural or religious believed supernatural claims. Religion is a created belief information product that seems to contain some amount or kind of faith in supernatural, non-natural, beyond natural, or outside of natural: agency, causes, powers, beings, or other worlds. 

Rational belief, not religion.

It is rational to believe the world is devoid of supernatural powers and all things have only natural causes. To me, atheism is a rational belief that irrational god claims don’t have worth to believe in. The scientific method is a rational method to ascertain real facts about the world, which to me makes concepts like realism and naturalism worth believing in. Scientific inquiry involves imagination, insight, creativity, and rational beliefs. Rational methods produce rational beliefs. Thus I am okay with atheism as a rational belief system. What I am not okay with theistic believers trying to put their irrational belief lacking epistemic worth on the same foot atheistic believers rational belief with epistemic worth on the same footing. Also, I hate when theistic believers are intellectually dishonest saying atheism is a religion. Atheism is no more a religion than sobriety is an addiction. Some atheists get unnecessarily defensive in asserting that their position isn’t a positive claim. If some atheists wish to do so that is their right to believe so but to me, it is still “unnecessary” because there should be nothing shameful or distasteful about making positive rational claims about the nature of the universe. Belief is not faith and faith is not valid for belief. Faith is the claimed source of knowledge acquisition proposed by theists to try and validate their irrational baseless belief in god(s). Reason and evidence are the sources of knowledge acquisition proposed by atheists to validate their rational based disbelief in god(s). Faith as a claimed acquisition of knowledge is not worth believing in. All religions have or promote sexism, some more than others but it’s a shame they all share. Don’t believe me here are all my blog posts for the major religions exposing their sexism and I am now putting it all in one place to fully prove just that. Just click the links:

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No, science CAN NOT be with religion.

Science is a method to understand the world as it is, which is naturalistic only, not one shred of magic. In fact, the scientific method assumes Methodological Naturalism, because that is all that has ever been found and is the most likely thing that ever will be found. As religion is not intended to represent the world as it is but instead what it is not the stupid supernatural, which is the thing of fantasy, wishful thinking, and delusion. The problem with religion is unwarranted faith and belief. The problem of faith is as an invalid justification and the belief problem is holding unjustified false belief believing it is justified true belief. In epistemology, there is justified true belief, however, there is no justified true faith. Faith is what they try to use to skip the need for justification or to use faith as the justification for belief. So we must remove faith as it is not justified for the truth of anything and the problem left is belief. However the belief we can solve for some willing to reason by teaching others what is and what is not a justified true belief. Religion is a joke to rationality, that sadly, too many believe. I hate the Dogmatic-Propaganda that is religions, not the indoctrinated victims who believe them. Of course, that concession is only for the flawed belief. As I do hold people accountable for harmful behaviors and religion as it is today is not a reason for harm, it is a commonly used excuse employed by those who wish to harm. However, Hate the Dogmatic-Propaganda not the People. The Dogmatic-Propaganda of religions and the like Must not go Unchallenged. Religionists like to act as if it is they who are being persecuted when it is them forcing what and how they believe on others and asking stupid questions to atheists, such as, I do not understand why you cannot just let religion believers live and let live. I could say, I don’t understand why religious never has, nor ever will just live and let live. However, I already know why they are Dogmatic-Propaganda that wishes self-replication and oppression of those who don’t fall in line and thus every ethical rational thinker must see this as the enemy to a civil humanity that it is, has been and will continue to be if left unchallenged.

But Why do I Hate Religion?

I was asked why I openly and publicly am so passionate in my hate of religion. further asking what specifically in your life contributed to this outcome. I hate harm, oppression, bigotry, and love equality, self-ownership, self-empowerment, self-actualization and self-mastery, as well as truth and not only does religion lie, it is a conspiracy theory of reality. Moreover, not only is religion a conspiracy theories of reality, it is a proud supporter of pseudohistory and or pseudoscience they also push pseudomorality. Religion on the whole to me deserves and earns hate, or at least disfavor when you really analyze it. Not to mention the corruption it has on politics or laws. As well as how destructive this unworthy political influence has and creates because of these false beliefs and the harm to the life of free adults but to the lives of innocent children as well (often robbed of the right to choose and must suffer indoctrination) as the disruption of educated even in public schools. Etc… I as others do have the right to voice our beliefs, just as I or others then have the right to challenge voiced beliefs. The way one views or explains the nature of reality often has a great effect on their views of epistemology (knowledge) and axiology (value), such as my being a believer in metaphysical naturalism and metaphysical realism. Metaphysical Naturalism is the view that “nature is all there is,” or there exists no realm of the supernatural. Similar to just stronger against supernaturalism then methodological naturalism used in the scientific method. Methodological naturalism is a strategy for studying the world, by which only natural causes are assumed, never considering supernatural causes – even as a remote possibility. Metaphysical realism is the view real world exist independently of our thoughts or perceptions of it. Many philosophers believe metaphysical realism is just plain common sense. Closely linked to scientific realism which at the most general level, is the view that the world described by science is the real world, as it is, independent of what we might take it to be. Never stop believing in people or their ability to change. If we don’t believe in them how can we expect them to believe in their power to change? Some people just need our help, understanding, and our care to see through the fog forced on to them. I hope I never stop seeing the wonderful fellow humans and offer all I can to show them there is a better way than gods, religion, and magic. I believe in all the best my fellow atheists possess to do the same. We are reality revolutionaries. Long live the championing of mental freedom that is Atheism. A cult is a yet unpopular religious thinking and a religion is a now popular religious thinking. The line between the two is often controversial, but the word “cult” is clearly understood to be pejorative. It often appears in the form of an irregular verb: I have a personal relationship with the creator of the universe, thus “You” are religious “You” are in a cult! RefRefRefRef

Long live mental freedom found in atheism, antitheism, and antireligionism.

“Damien, why is atheism a life freeing revelation as you state?” – Questioner
My response, “no more sin, and a new connectedness to this world and all people as I was no longer an unthoughtful afterworlds-man. Science is the thing people do when they require evidence. Whereas faith is the thing people do when they do not require evidence. To me, religions are conspiracy theories of reality, that we once were not sure about but now know are just make-believe.

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